This site is to provide you access to learning from one of Canada's Top Instructors.

JHG Graphic Design & Marketing Services

  (for Golf Professionals Instructors or Courses) 

Are you tired of black and white 3 fold brochures or dull posters and flyers on coloured stationary? Check out a few of the samples below and we’ll be happy to create some innovative professional marketing and promotional ideas to elevate your business and put you on the map.  Post these flyers, brochures or posters on your website for easy download to your customers.

Email blast them to your clients, tweet them, post them on your facebook fanpage or business page and much more.

Cost: (1) for $99 or (2) for $169 (3) for $199

TERMS: (Visa or Mastercard)


We will incorporate your logo into the ads as well as pertinent program information as well as your contact info, remember white space is your friend, drive your customers to your site or leave them with a lasting impression of  your program information with a cool factor that they can’t put it down or stop looking at it.


We look forward to designing and building your brand and growing your business!

Contact to book your design today!  It’s time to put yourself on the map  and engage  your customers.

NOTE: You must provide photos of yourself, school, students, academy or course as well as related text you wish to be included.

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